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Yogi Mohan Ji

Yogi Mohan Ji, born into a Vedic family, embarked on his yoga journey at 15. His expertise spans a Post Graduate Diploma and Master’s degree in Yoga. With 12 years of global teaching experience, he excels in Hatha Yoga, focusing on precise asana alignment and adjustment. Yogi Mohan Ji’s classes blend professionalism with kindness and humor, catering to both beginners and advanced practitioners. His deep anatomical knowledge and motivational teaching style inspire students to explore their potential and deepen their practice.

Yogi Mohan Ji’s approach goes beyond teaching; he fosters personal growth and encourages students to embrace yoga as a transformative journey. His dedication to yoga and compassionate mentoring make him a respected professional and a cherished guide for anyone seeking to enrich their mind, body, and spirit through yoga.


Vikas Bisht

He was born in the picturesque hill town of Rishikesh on 10th June 1982. Just at 16, he discovered his interest in yoga at a very young age. Age, Vikash gained a lot of recognition due to his teachings of Hatha Yoga while regularly attending acupressure, nephropathy, intensive courses, and yoga therapy classes. Vikash has a great passion for yoga teaching, and the aesthetic way of life turned him towards devoutness, self-analysis & meditation. Afterward, Vikash escalated his insights of correcting & assisting yoga students under the guidance of several yogis. Vikash did his B.P.Ed physical education and completed one year course from Bhopal. and then continued his studies with a PG diploma in Yogic Science for one year course. Also, he achieved his Master’s degree (MA) in yogic science 2-year course. And finally, Vikash is a certified ERYT 500hr hour yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance USA.


Abhishek Pokhriya


Abhishek Pokhriya stands as a distinguished figure in the realm of yoga, earning respect as a profound teacher in anatomy, philosophy, and the intricate dance between spiritual wisdom and scientific understanding. Specializing in hatha and raja yoga, he brings a rare depth to his classes, skillfully intertwining traditional yogic values with cutting-edge insights from modern science. 

Beyond the mat, Abhishek’s extensive knowledge extends to biomechanics, alignment, and nutrition, fostering a holistic understanding of the body-mind connection. What sets his classes apart is their unique ability to serve as a bridge between the spiritual and scientific realms, offering students a transformative journey. With an alchemical blend of ancient wisdom and contemporary knowledge, Abhishek crafts an environment where yoga transcends its physical aspects, becoming a holistic practice that harmonizes mind, body, and spirit. His commitment to this fusion enriches the yoga experience, creating a space where tradition and innovation converge in a profound and accessible way.

 Yogi Prakash

Yogi Prakash embodies a dynamic presence in the yoga world, fueled by youthful energy and deep knowledge of Hatha Yoga and alignment. Raised amidst spiritual influences, he developed an innate connection to yoga as a lifestyle rather than just a practice. Guided by revered mentors from an early age, Yogi Prakash received thorough training in Yoga science, laying a strong foundation for his career as a dedicated instructor. His teaching style blends theory, engaging discussions, and insightful demonstrations, offering immersive experiences that explore yoga’s philosophical and spiritual dimensions.

Since 2012, Yogi Prakash has been imparting wisdom in Rishikesh, a spiritual epicenter. His classes transcend physical postures, delving into holistic exploration of mind, body, and spirit. Yogi Prakash encourages students not only to practice yoga but to embody it fully, infusing each session with purpose and authenticity. Join him on the mat for a transformative journey into the heart of yoga.

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Nestled in Rishikesh, Soham Yoga School offers Yoga Alliance certified teacher training programs in Hatha and Ashtanga yoga styles. Emphasizing meditation, pranayama, “and” yoga philosophy, each course—from “100” to “500” hours—promises deep learning “and” personal growth. With comfortable accommodation “and” nutritious meals, graduates gain internationally recognized certifications “and” profound yoga knowledge.

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