Yogic Techniques for Meditation – Workshop



Meditation is the heart of Yoga.


All four paths of Yoga ultimately aim for meditation or Samadhi.


In this workshop, we mainly focus on meditation or we can say directly approaching meditation using some of the yogic techniques.


There are four paths of Yoga which are Jnana Yoga, Raja Yoga, Bhakthi Yoga and Karma yoga.


Our meditation techniques are developed from the principles of these four streams of yoga.


Jnana Yoga Meditation

It is based on the Self analysis approach asking the question “who am I?” Also, include Om meditation.



Raja Yoga Meditation

Here, we practice pranayama meditation techniques giving full attention to breath.

Also, follow the “anahata dwani meditation”, hearing the eternal sound from within and all around.



Bhakthi Yoga Meditation

It mainly consists of focusing on a form and experiencing the positive vibe and feel of a related deity.

Also, include chanting of mantra invoking the energy centres.



Karma Yoga Meditation

Here the principle is meditation in action.

We experiment with some kind of service (selfless work) being totally involved in the action.

That kind of awareness given to the action relieves the mind from its random thoughts paving the way to stillness.




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