Yoga Teachers Training Course



Yoga is in demand all over the world as it is being more and more accepted as the right regime for physical fitness, stress relief, holistic health and spiritual progress.


The qualified yoga teachers are still not enough to cope up with the demand of yoga.


It is not just like a job rather it is a creative occupation for your own personal growth along with a source of income.


Those who have genuine inclination to become a yoga teacher, we invite you to join this Yoga teachers training course at Soham.


It is a residential course of four weeks. (200hrs yoga teacher’s course)

Our school is registered with International Yoga Federation and certificates are internationally valid.


Curriculum of the course:

1. Concept of Yoga:
a. Understanding yoga
b. History of yoga
c. Definitions of yoga
d. Streams of yoga
e. Hata and Raja yoga
f. Relevance of yoga in the modern time
g. Discussion on Yoga Philosophy (Ashtanga yoga based on Patanjali Yoga Sutras)


2. Soham Holistic Yoga:
a. Concept of holistic yoga
b. Unique features of Soham Holistic yoga


3. Hata Yoga-Asanas:
a. Stretching and loosening exercises
b. Sun salutation
c. Asanas-variations, sequence,focal points,body alignment, benefits and limitations


4. Pranayama:
a. Discussion on Prana the life force
b. Practice of 10 various pranayamas with its benefits and limitations. c, pranayama –preparation for meditation


5. Meditation:
a. Meditation is the heart of yoga
b. Meditation –the art of stabilizing in the Self
c. Practicing various meditation techniques


6. Yoganidra:
a. The art of relaxation
b. Ultimate relaxation is the experience of transcendence
c. Step by step practice of yoganidra


7. Bandha, mudra and kriya (shatkarma):
Discussion on these three branches of yoga


8. Vedic (Mantra) Chanting


9. Nadis and Chakras:
a. Hat yoga anatomy
b. Seven chakras and functions
c. Chakra balancing


10. Food and yoga (yoga diet)


11. Integrated approach to Yoga therapy


12. Teaching methodologies:
a. Principles of teaching
b. The role of a yoga teacher
c. Demonstration and observation
d. Difference between yoga teacher and instructors
e. The professional ethics of yoga teacher
f. Practical tips on yoga teaching



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