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Yoga is for all and especially for student community Yoga is highly beneficial as it helps to mould their life with good foundation of health at all levels – physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual.


During the growing stages, the yogic stretches, asanas, Sun salutation, etc. helps to achieve the full growth of body system with strength, stamina and flexibility.


Pranayama enhances the vital energy level and improves concentration and memory power.


Meditation is the most important aspect of yoga for students considering its overall benefits in developing the mental faculties as well as the holistic health and well being.


Acknowledging the importance of yoga for students, many governments have passed bills to include yoga in the curriculum and it is followed in many schools and universities across the globe.


At Soham, we have developed two modules of yoga to impart the teachings of yoga to student community:


1. Basic Yoga course for students

2. Yoga certificate course for Ayurveda students



Basic yoga course for students


This course can be conducted in any schools and colleges with the condition that the participants are above 12 years old.


The course is for 30 hours spread over a month and we cover the basic yoga postures, yogic exercises, sun salutations, pranayama and simple meditation techniques.


Also included some yogic awareness games to make it lively and participating course.


A short discussion on the principles and history of yoga is also part of the course.


The intention behind this course is to give a basic understanding about yoga at a young age and inspire them to adopt yoga as a daily practice in order to enjoy better health and positive vision of life.



Yoga certificate course for Ayurveda students


We have developed a special Yoga certificate course for Ayurveda students along with their regular course of Ayurveda.


As yoga is part of Ayurveda, in-depth knowledge of yoga would help them in becoming well qualified Ayurveda doctors.


Accordingly, we have developed a curriculum introducing the various aspects of yoga with a view to help the students to become a qualified yoga teacher and yoga therapist. The following are the topics we cover in this yoga teachers training course:


1. Yoga – the science of health & spirituality

2. Yoga philosophy – introduction to Patanjali Yoga sutra

3. Relevance and application of Yoga in the modern time

4. History of Yoga

5. Yoga practice – (reference text – Hatha Yoga Pradipika) Asanas, pranayama, Bandha, Mudras, Kriyas. Sun salutation. Yoga nidra etc. (the style of yoga we follow is called Soham Holistic Yoga)

6. Therapeutic Yoga (Integrated approach of Yoga therapy)

7. Yoga and stress management

8. Meditation – the heart of yoga

9. Nadis and chakras, Chakra – balancing

10. Professional ethics of a yoga teacher

11. Practical tips in teaching yoga

12. Yogic counseling


This course can be completed in 60 hours class spread over an academic year preferably in the third year of Ayurveda course.


On completion of the course, we conduct the examination – yoga theory examination and yoga practical examination.


We issue internationally valid certificates to those who have successfully completed the course.


Ayurveda and Yoga are very complimentary healing modules hence there is a trend of Ayurveda doctors seeking a course in Yoga after their completion of Ayurveda course.


Many Ayurveda doctors have already completed Yoga teachers training course from our institute.


That is the reason we thought of introducing this yoga course in the Ayurveda college itself so that they get equipped with sufficient knowledge in Yoga too and an additional certificate of Yoga would definitely enhance their career opportunities.


The institutions who wish to introduce this course in their schools/colleges, kindly contact us…




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