Well Being Workshop for Corporate



As you are aware, many corporate are nowadaysintroducing yoga in their companies to promote the holisticwellness and efficiency of its staff.


Yoga is an effective tool to induce deep relaxation at the physical and mental levels healing the problems of stress and its allied ailments.


It has been scientifically proved the benefits of yoga in order to improve the performance level thanks to its effect of keeping the mental poise and physical harmony even while facing the provoking and stressful situations of the working environment.


Our Institute is very much specialized in conducting Yoga and stress management programs with unique style of practice considering the common health problems prevalent in the IT sector.


We arrange the following yoga programs for the corporate at their premises:


Regular Yoga Class


It is a continuing program of yoga classes of one hour regularly either for three days a week on alternative days or five days continuous course.

The regular practise will keep the body fit and flexible and maintain the vital energy level.



Special Yoga Stress Management Program


It is usually conducted once in a month, an exclusive session for deeper relaxation with selected stretches.

The duration of the session is two and half hours.

The first part would focus on understanding of stress and the assessment of stress (physical/mental/ emotional) we are holding on ourselves.

Then learning some yogic techniques, practiced in a unique way followed by Yoga Nidra (very deep relaxation).

The practice is helpful to release all the accumulated stress from body and mind refreshing the whole being..



We are very glad to associate with you in conducting the Yoga programs for the benefits of your staff and executives.


Hope you will consent to this proposal and invite me for a discussion with regard to the implementation of Yoga in your company.




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