Soham Urban Yoga Retreat


Don’t you feel to escape from the agitation, restlessness, stress and struggles of city life and find a space to breath and relax?


Yes, we have a space – Soham Urban Yoga Retreat which is conducted during the week end.


It is a two days residential program very much customized to the requirement of city residents who cannot take a long vacation due to work commitment and yet long to rejuvenate and recharge themselves with a short break.


The retreat venue is not far away from Bangalore city, just 30 kms on air port road at a quite serene location with all the comfort and amenities of a posh resort but with a very positive vibe of an ashram.


Our retreat takes place at School of Ancient wisdom located in nine acres of beautiful lush green environment.


Nowadays, yoga retreats are getting popular all over the world finding its positive effects to refresh body, mind and soul.


It combines yoga and vacation and being conducted in nice locations along with some recreation and positive diet.


If we provide the right conditions of proper exercise, proper relaxation, proper breathing, proper food and positive mind, body can heal itself, and one experience the holistic health and happiness.


This is the purpose of Soham Urban Yoga retreat to provide this space where you can improve your health and well being.


We also facilitate Soham Soul Space Yoga Retreat which is usually conducted for minimum seven days onwards at different exotic locations across the globe.


We heartily welcome you to join this yoga vacation cum retreat and assure you that it would fulfill your longing to find a valuable way of spending your week end.




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