Soham Holistic Yoga for Holistic Fitness


At Soham, we have developed a unique style of yoga called Soham Holistic yoga which gives more emphasis to the true vision of yoga than taking it just as a physical exercise.


In the recent past, yoga was exported to the west and they made some structural changes, and being imported to India as new variations of yoga.


This trend is very dangerous and it may spoil the true spirit of yoga.


Yoga is more of spiritual exercise than physical though it is helpful to attain all physical benefits.


Yoga has two parts – Hatha (Physical) and Raja (Inner).


Hatha yoga explores the body field and Raja yoga explores the mind field – hence yoga is the holistic comprehension of life.


At Soham, we highlight yoga as a learning process of life with body and mind as the field of activities.


Asanas are mediation oriented physical exercise and it helps you attain health and well being at all levels of existence.


So, we are very much pledged to follow yoga in the authentic way and spread the message of yoga keeping in mind the highest purpose of yoga which is to attain enlightenment.


In Soham Holistic Yoga, we have given importance to the therapeutic benefits of yoga to heal the common ailments.


We have identified some of the common ailments of the modern time are back and spinal problems, stomach upsets, diabetes, hormonal imbalance, obesity, hyper tension, asthma etc which are mainly caused by life style and excess stress.


Accordingly, we have selected some of the suitable yogic exercises, postures, pranayama etc.which are practiced in a sequence with more emphasis to deep relaxation and awareness.


In the basic yoga course, we teach around 25 yogic exercises, 36 yoga postures, 5 types of pranayama, various meditation techniques etc which would make the practitioner a strong person with sound health and mental poise in order to cope up with the challenging situations of modern time.

In the advanced yoga course and TTC, we have included more asanas and other practices as they are more evolved to go for it.


But for the common men, we suggest to follow only the basic course (which itself is a complete program for a life time practice) in consideration to their health.



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