Soham Holistic Living Course 



It is the brand product of Soham which is a life transforming course imparting the essential knowledge of this new age to the humanity to ascend to the higher levels.


Two days intensive workshop to explore into and understand the concept of health, success, wholeness and natural joy of life.


It is a unique health & success package consisting the essential wisdom and practical lessons derived from the ancient sciences and healing systems (VEDANTA, YOGIC SCIENCE, REIKI, PSYCHOLOGY etc.) to keep one healthy and joyful in this modern time.


From the vast ocean of knowledge, we have developed some working principle which can be absorbed and implemented in our lives for the great success and fulfillment in life.


This course has been evolved from SOHAM after a long period of study, research and deep meditation to find a brief and life transforming course which effectively impart the true vision (holistic vision) of life and thereby equip oneself with his own innate power (access to the consciousness) to find the fulfillment in all aspects of life.


The two days workshop is divided in to theoretical and practical classes with more emphasis to effect a real positive change in You.


Overview of the topics covered:

  • The concept of Holistic Living
  • The whole spectrum of Consciousness
  • Holistic approach to healing
  • Holistic approach to eating
  • The power of imagination; Change in thought pattern
  • Psychic healing-bad habits, negative emotions, obesity
  • Wealth consciousness & poverty consciousness – The natural abundance
  • Manifestation of your goals using the power of consciousness
  • Energy transformation – the key to health, happiness and success
  • Chakra – Balancing – unlock the energy blocked due to ignorance
  • Happiness – the quest of life-Analysis
  • Healthy breathing
  • Soham Classic Yoga Practice
  • Stress-management & improving the performance level
  • 5 types of simple and effective meditation practice with scientific introduction to meditation:
  1. Anchoring in the Now
  2. Healing the body and mind
  3. Third eye activation
  4. The power of silence (anahata dwani)
  5. Mind searching and finding the Being
  • Group healing through the projection of energy

“ The wisdom of ‘wholeness’ will solve all your problems and unleash the Holistic power within”



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