Jnana Yoga Workshop (Pursuit of Wisdom)



Talk, Discussion & Meditation


All are welcome to this inner journey, in pursuit of the absolute wisdom.


Following are the topics discussed in the Jnana yoga workshop:

  • What is Jnana?
  • “Pranjanam Brahma.”
  • Four paths of Yoga


All other paths as a preparation for knowledge.


Life is a continuous searching of knowledge.


Knowledge is the quest of life which alone can take you to the state of fulfillment.


Jnana is that absolute knowledge beyond the duality of the knowledge and ignorance.


Apara Jnanam and Para Jnanam.


Relative knowledge and Absolute knowledge. Objective knowledge and Subjective knowledge. Material knowledge and spiritual wisdom.


Three aspects of knowledge: Knower, process of knowing, object of the knowledge.


Understanding Consciousness: Consciousness with contents is called mind.


Consciousness without contents is pure consciousness which is the substratum.


The field of awareness.


The purpose of intellect.


Intellect is the faculty of mind serving the purpose of relative existence in the practical world.


Seeking of the knowledge is the seeking of intellect which cannot perceive that which is subtler than that.


Arriving to this conclusion, the intellect is dropped.


This stage is known as Surrender in the spiritual parlance.


Then, comes new approach to learning…Meditation is the path which is the process of silencing the mind.


You no more strive to know, having understood the truth that it cannot be known.


Tat Sat-Thou art the source-the source of ultimate wisdom, truth and bliss.


Jnana is the knowledge of the reality-the truth of your Being. Meditation-negating all that which are not real till you rest in yourself.







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