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"Great place to tap in to Yoga. The class allows you to appreciate every move and understand its effect on your body and mind"

Louise Avey

"Gentle practice that guided students with peace and good support. I enjoyed unraveling my tight muscles after travelling through India"


"A practical and inspiring introduction to Yoga. After just 4 sessions I know I will continue to practice, it has already become an essential part of my day. Thank you"

Elizabeth Muller

"A wonderful class. Thank you for your energy and kindness. Best of wishes. Shanthi"


"India! is always so surprising and giving. After traveling for 3 weeks , I badly needed to find a great teacher again. I found him when I came to my first yoga class at Soham. After just one class, I feel I am back on the right path again. Thank you for your recognition and teaching in your beautiful school."


"Enjoyed the Yoga class . Felt very comforted and lighter. Thank you"


"I have never experienced such a deep relaxation after a Yoga class. I felt the freedom of my body, I enjoyed the movements, and could deeply breathe in to the tensed parts of the body and had a feeling of release of emotion. Thank you"

Tracy Cox

"What a wonderful blissful experience. Thank you so much. I feel so good and much more grounded. Namaste"

Jane Robinson

"Amazing Yoga - very relaxing and energizing. A very different approach to my previous experience with Yoga. Very inspiring. Thank you"