Profile, Philosophy and Teaching

Soham John is highly respected and well known Guru in Yoga, Meditation and Healing for 20 years.


He has been the director of Soham Yoga & Holistic Health Center at Bangalore, India for more than a decade now. 


John developed a unique yoga style called Soham Holistic Yoga which is a meditation-oriented yoga practice with more emphasis on awareness and relaxation.


Very much suited to the modern times considering its therapeutic benefit along with the expansion of consciousness.


Also composed a unique pattern of yogic stress management program called Well Being Workshop for Corporate.


His mission and teachings took him to several countries across the globe.


The most popular International yoga magazine YOGA JOURNAL published a detailed interview of him recognizing his yogic wisdom and contribution.

Being a registered medical practitioner in Alternative medicine (Yoga and Naturopathy), John's qualifications also include MSc. (Yogic Science), MA, ND, YTTC (Sivananda Yoga) and Master Practitioner in Reiki/Pranic Healing.


He is a Life Member of All India Nature Cure Federation and International Center of Reiki Training founded by Dr. William Rand.


Trained in various meditation philosophies such as Alpha Mind Power, Vipasana, Kundalini and Zen etc, his teachings are distilled wisdom.



SOHAM Holistic Yoga School (formerly known as Soham Yoga & Holistic Health Center) is an organization setup to promote the vision and teachings of Soham John.

Soham stands for the authentic yoga emphasizing its spiritual basis.

In the modern time, though the yoga has become very popular, its quality and the true spirit have been spoiled.

John turned to yoga and has become dedicated follower, and later the teacher of yoga only because of deep felt experience and the benefits he gained in his own life.

He was brought up in a different situation and his keen spirit of searching led him to the science of yoga.

In yoga, he found his true spiritual vision encompassing all the teachings of other religions.

It helped him to develop a strong foundation in life and gain better health and happiness in life.

This motivated him to take yoga as a mission in his life.

The vision of Soham is to impart the true vision of yoga thereby helping humanity to attain deeper understanding of life and enrich their lives with true happiness, health and harmony.

This vision is translated into reality through the confluence of four responsibilities:

  • To enrich the lives of its participants with spiritual, health and wellness-based activities, yoga and meditation
  • To build a community of like-minded individuals who dream of living a spiritual, joyous and blissful life, and would like to make this world a better place to live in
  • To ensure the comfort, safety and well-being of all participants, ensuring that their every need and desire is anticipated and catered to
  • To provide a serene and transformative ambience during the retreat that is conducive for detoxification of mind and body

John looks forward to sharing his understanding of love, health, life and relationships with anyone and everyone who has a strong and committed desire to change his or her life for the better.